changing the world

one bike at a time…

Cycling designed to be fun and easy

as the wheel was invented for all to enjoy

Pedal Power

Going out there and burning some calories while enjoying the outdoors and staying fit. Hit the road or the trails, Avanti Plus will have the bike for you, however you prefer to roll.

Better with Batteries

Are you a smarty pants and like some extra power? Want to travel further and faster, see more and do more? There is a battery option for every bicycle, from folding to cargo. We love our e-talks.

Transport Solutions

Commuting to work requires extra attention for road safety, same goes for traveling with children. AvantiPlus can inform you about what the market has to offer to make sure you roll safely and secure.

Custom build or pimp your ride and steal the show

Tired of “standard” and keen to make a statement? Start customizing…

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Clothes and Accesories

For those fashion junkies amongst you. AvantiPlus has a wide range of bibs, shorts, jerseys and your protective gear that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Custom Add-Ons

For your widest variety of handlebars, grips, mud and chain guards. At AvantiPlus Blenheim we like keeping our options open just like you.

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Cost Effective

Because we know what is out there on the market and at what price, we can help you make the best suitable decision, which ultimately will be the most cost effective.

Our team members love to help you make a choice


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